Ron Burgundy does the American Hustle with Mary Poppins …



Tough choices abound in the movie theaters starting Friday.

You can laugh to the silly stuff that comes out of the mouth of Ron Burgundy and his news crew, or you can root for the good guys and bad guys or you can find out what Walt Disney was like as ‘Mary Poppins’ was shooting.

Hello “Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues,” “American Hustle,” “Saving Mr. Banks,” “Walking with Dinosaurs” and “Dhoom 3.”

You can read my preview of the fab five on the Syracuse New Times site by clicking the link below.

On Monday, you will be able to go to the same site and read my review of … I’m going to make you wait until then to find out this week!

17 thoughts on “Ron Burgundy does the American Hustle with Mary Poppins …

  1. i cannot wait to see these and look forward to your reviews. it’s always such an exciting mash-up of films during the holiday season. lucky for those of us who love movies.


  2. I’m thinking of “Saving Mr. Banks”…..I haven’t even seen the first Anchorman. Well, to be honest, I won’t see any movies this weekend. But I do want to see “Saving Mr. Banks” so I hope it’s as good as I’m expecting.


  3. Now that’s mean, making us wait like that. What if the CAT scan shows I need immediate surgery and can’t get to the computer for six weeks? I’ll never be able to catch up then.


      • That’s okay, since my phone was unplugged today and I don’t know what, if anything showed up on the scan. But if you want real BBQ ribs you have to come to Owensboro to get them. And I’ll even share some of my burgoo (and that’s an offer I don’t make often).


  4. I am tempted to see “Anchorman 2..” if only for the fact that a lot of it was filmed in and around here! I love watching movies where I can say, “I know that place!”


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