A quiet holiday morning in the neighborhood, thank you

A quiet Thanksgiving  morning in snowy Syracuse, N.Y.

A look down our street in Syracuse. I like it.

I would say happy Black Friday, but that’s one American holiday I don’t celebrate.

In fact, this is one day that you definitely will not find me amid the bargain-hunting madness.

Instead, I will share one more tale from a happy Thursday:

It sure can be calm on a Thanksgiving morning, even in the middle of a city neighborhood.

I’d finished brushing off the cars and shoveling the driveway, all cleared for the holiday afternoon arrival of offspring and significant other. My dear wife Karen had the turkey and fixings preparation totally under control.

So Ellie B and I took a stroll around the block.

There's nobody playing at Syracuse's Norwood Park on  Thanksgiving morning.

There’s nobody playing at Syracuse’s Norwood Park on Thanksgiving morning.

There was nary a soul in Norwood Park, the green spot down to the end and over two blocks from our happy home. The kiddie equipment sat lonely, awaiting a warmer day that could bring climbing and swinging and good, shout-out-loud fun.

A few folks were out clearing their driveways as we walked up the steep hill two blocks over. They all waved. Ellie B, aka Dogamous Pyle, always gets an added bounce to her step when she senses attention and acceptance.

When we wound back to our block, I asked Ellie B to stop. We looked down the hill, admiring the view to our house and beyond.

Ellie B, good dog, in Syracuse, N.Y.

Hey, it snowed again, Da!

I took a deep breath of the cool holiday air.

From behind me, Ellie B stuck her head between my knees, looking forward from the clearing, an odd but endearing habit of hers on our daily walk.

She exhaled and smiled her good-dog smile.

It was a Happy Thanksgiving already.

10 thoughts on “A quiet holiday morning in the neighborhood, thank you

    • The thing around the snout is called a “gentle leader.” It keeps our dear dog from pulling my arm out of my shoulder socket when we walk. She is calmed down considerably because the gentle leader tugs at her nose if she pulls too hard. Thanks, Cat. She is a pretty dog!


  1. Mark … you are a happy man with a good head on his shoulders and a good dog underfoot. It’s what Thanksgiving is all about. Well said. Jim


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