I suppose I do blog about many different things

Wow. This WordPress award business is one serious bunch of accolades.

For the second day in a row, I’ve been nominated for an honor.

Versatile blogger

This one is called the Versatile Blogger Award, and it was sent my way by Irene A. Waters, author of this memorable blog:

I’ve been reading her memoirs and reflections from Australia for more than a month, now, and she’s as interesting as she is versatile. Thank you, Irene.

The rules for this award can be found at http://versatilebloggeraward.wordpress.com/vba-rules/.

I am asked to nominate 15 deserving bloggers. Here are some of my favorites. I am glad to read each and every one of you. You all do different things, in vastly different ways. (I did not repeat anybody I nominated for Blog of the Year 2013 yesterday. Judgment call.)
















I am also asked to reveal seven things about myself. Here goes:

1. The first newspaper story I wrote was about a basketball game for my junior high mimeographed monthly. I was in eighth grade. That was 42 years ago.

2. I’ve worked for eight newspapers since: High school, junior college, college daily, three professional daily papers, and now our city alternative weekly.

3. I figure I’ve written at least 3,500 newspaper stories in my lifetime. And edited twice that many.

4. I still have to think hard about grammar, punctuation and spelling.

5. My father was a drummer in a band that played at wedding receptions. He badly wanted me to be a musician. My grade school lessons on flute, saxophone and accordion didn’t take. Twenty-two years ago, I ended up being the music writer and critic for our big daily based on the fact that I played the stereo every day.

6. My favorite musician is Bruce Springsteen. I’ve seen about 40 Springsteen concerts, but I’ve never been able to arrange an interview with him.

7. My photographer friend Al Campanie and I spent four days in Freehold and Asbury Park, N.J., where the Boss grew up, researching a major newspaper project that was titled “The Ghost of Bruce Springsteen.”

23 thoughts on “I suppose I do blog about many different things

  1. Thank you so much, Mark! This was a nice surprise to find when I logged in. It especially means a lot coming from someone like yourself that has both read and written so much over the years. As I’m still just getting going with the blogging thing, I will save your nomination and make my own when I am a bit more savvy with it all.
    My mum is also a huge Bruce fan. Says you won’t ever see a better concert!


  2. Congratulations!! even more blogs for me to check out. I wish you had met Bruce – maybe you still will!
    hope you are having a good day.


  3. Congrats Mark. This one is different from the two I have. I wonder if they change the color every month. And how the hell do you get it to post on the blog? I’ve tried everything and they just won’t show up.


  4. Yeah, I wrote quickly and about lots of stuff. And I’m old. Not to mention bad at math. Thanks to you, I took off a zero and made it 3,500 stories. But I know it’s more than that. LOL. Thanks, Aussa.


  5. Woah, huzzah! Congrats on the award and thank you for mentioning me! I was creeping along like a stalker and opening all of them to go check them out (at least those I don’t already stalk) and stumbled on my name. Thank you Thank you 🙂

    And, um, 35,000 newspaper stories written? Excuse me while I faint.


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