Root, root, root for your own team

Watch all the NFL games at onnce.

Spot your teams, pick your table at Jake Hafner’Restaurant and Tavern in Syracuse.

I had the chance to watch football Sunday in one of those places that proudly subscribes to the NFL Sunday Ticket.

In Jake Hafner’s Restaurant and Tavern in Syracuse, they know how to throw a party for the NFL.

Walk in, and the banks of flat screens are labeled with notecards underneath, two helmets per TV. Yes, you can carefully choose your seat to best position yourself to watch your favorite team. I didn’t realize this until the games started at 1 EST, though, so I had to maneuver to a different spot to watch my beloved Jets against the Bills. That left a gap between myself and dear wife Karen, but since we’d come to join a party of a dozen or so friends, she didn’t mind.

I wore my Jets shirt. They were playing the closest thing we have to a local NFL squad here in Syracuse, the Buffalo Bills. At the end of our long tabletop sat a wife wearing a Jets jersey while her husband sported a Bills jersey. No, not awkward at all, she told me when I asked her.

All around us, fans wore their colors on their chests. There were a lot of Detroit Lions fans rooting for a victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers. Next to me, my friend sat in his Washington Redskins shirt, pulling for a win over the Philadelphia Eagles. A bunch of fans wore New York Giants shirts already, even though they were playing in the 4 p.m. set of games.

It was busy, with every game covered. If I heard a burst of cheers, I looked left, right, backward, to find the proper game. I felt like a quarterback analyzing the defense before calling an audible.

It was fun.

My Jets got thumped soundly, in a down week to continue this ridiculous win-lose-win-lose rotation that has lasted the whole season. But they were out of it so convincingly, I felt free to sneak more looks at the closer games.

Our friend Michelle won the turkey Hafner’s raffled off as we approach Thanksgiving.

The wings we ordered were crisp and tangy.

NFL ticket works at this joint.

5 thoughts on “Root, root, root for your own team

  1. Hi Mark, that is so great that fans from different teams can all watch different games in the same place. If we tried that in Britain with the premier league fights would probably break out in the restaurant. Maybe not for all supporters but sadly our football is still marred by violence.


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