Syracuse awakens to a blanket of snow on the morning Santa will arrive at the mall

Pet dog Ellie B looks skyward in a backyard in Syracuse, N.Y. as the first snow of the season falls.

No, that’s not a reindeer caught in our Syracuse backyard. It’s Ellie B, aka Dogamous Pyle, happy to welcome our first sticking snow of the season.

‘Tis the season in Syracuse, N.Y.

I opened my eyes this morning to our first snow, bright white on a gray day. It’s sticking stubbornly on the lawn, not melting away a bit, just two days after I played golf while wearing shorts.

Somebody up there knows something.

Santa Claus is coming to town today, too.

The welcoming signs at Destiny USA trumpeted the big guy’s arrival as I visited the huge mall for a Thursday morning walk.

Santa will make his first appearance in the Syracuse shopping center at 5 p.m. today. I suspect there will be more than a bit of fanfare.

Santa Claus will great visitors here in Destiny USA  in Syracuse, N.Y., for the next seven weeks.

A family at Destiny USA in Syracuse takes photos in the spot ready for Santa’s arrival for the season this afternoon.

Already Thursday, “Santa Claus is Coming to Town” was repeating over and over on the background music in the huge collection of stores, restaurants and recreational facilities.

The decorations already were out in full in the downstairs area in the new addition where for the next seven weeks, Santa will welcome the little boys and girls to sit on his knee and tell him the gifts they want and deserve for being good.

The trees were up and decorated. Festively wrapped packages were here and there on the floor, some stacked and some singly. Lights were strung, twinkle ready to be reflected by garland and tinsel.

A family had already decided that this Thursday, exactly three weeks before Thanksgiving, was the perfect time to sit their little one down on a matriarchal knee to take pictures with all those wonderful decorations as the backdrop.

Yup. At Destiny USA, the holiday to be happy arrives today. Even if the snow melts away by this afternoon.

20 thoughts on “Syracuse awakens to a blanket of snow on the morning Santa will arrive at the mall

  1. Wow – I hope those parents realize that once the kids have given Santa the list it’s going to be a major job explaining that Santa won’t actually be coming for 7 weeks. Night after night….


    • Yes, Mer, we are almost to the snow-shoveling portion of the program. I had to brush the snow off the cars this morning because it did not melt quickly enough. It didn’t stick on the driveway, thankfully.


  2. I’m glad the world hasn’t done away with mall Santas yet. I’m sure some group will find it offensive for some ludicrous reason and make it a thing of the past some day. I just hope it’s not in my life time.


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