Happy Halloween from somebody who’s not into it as much as you

A Halloween costume for Fred Flintstone and Wilma Flintstone

Not Karen and I. But you get the idea. (For sale on fancydressdelivered.co.uk)

Happy Halloween is the salutation of the day. Trick or treat!

I will not be dressing up lavishly for the occasion.

Oh, I have donned a costume in my adult past. Sometimes I’ve enjoyed it. A handful of years ago, my dear wife Karen and I went to a Halloween-night local-band gig dressed as the Flintstones. Karen made the Fred-and-Wilma duds for us herself. I particularly appreciated the way she took a Milk Bone and smartly twisted it up in her hair.

But, really, the rest of the human race has sped past me in this fascination to become somebody or something else on Oct. 31.

As a kid, I loved traveling door-to-door to gather goodies in my orange bucket as much as the next ghost or goblin in line. One of my way-back memories is that somehow my mother made me a clown costume, and she and my grandmother squeezed me into it from kindergarten to a couple grades up. I recall them getting one huge kick out of making up my face. Soon enough, I understood that to me it was about the candy, not the get-up.

As I got too old for that, the mention of a costume party kind of made me grimace inside. What a bother. Choosing. Buying or making. Gee, thanks.

I got back into the spirit as my darling daughter Elisabeth grew up. She was a pretty princess and wonderful whatever-else she chose to be, and I was more than happy to chaperone the candy stroll or stay back to hand out the sweets from the front door. In my regular duds, I admired the pirates and robots and clowns and freely gave compliments for originality or artful craftsmanship.

When invited to a Halloween party, I picked a costume and went. I liked parties in general, you see.

More and more, though, I noticed adults getting just as excited about dressing up as the kids. Here, there, everywhere. On TV right this very second, the entire crew of “Today” on NBC is sitting in get-ups on the New York City Plaza. Al Roker is Mr. T. Matt Lauer is Pamela Anderson from “Baywatch.” They are laughing.

In Honolulu on the afternoon of Oct. 31 three years ago, parades of costumed natives of all ages already wandered the streets. A shuttle driver explained how Halloween just might be the most popular holiday on Oahu.

Enjoy, all.

I am not against spooky, or creepy, even. The novels of Stephen King always seem to make their way to that spot in front of my wide-open eyes.

I’m not trying to rob anybody of their big moment.

I’m just not as much into it as the rest of you.

So I will go to my Thursday night bowling league brilliantly disguised as somebody who might roll a 300. What’s that macabre laughter I hear?

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