‘Nashville’ returns with plenty of drama but not enough music

(From abc.go.com)

(From abc.go.com)

They dove right into the drama in the “Nashville” season two premiere last night on ABC.

When last the fictional folk Rayna and Deacon were cavorting their way onto our flat screen they’d crashed the car in the midst of their biggest fight ever. Deacon had been drinking. Rayna knew that meant big trouble. Heap that revisit to his alcoholic past to her family woes and his band woes and their long and tangled history and …

Well, ABC gave us plenty of windows into that backstory last night before letting everybody know that Rayna lives through her serious injuries and tells the police the truth that she was the one behind the wheel, allowing Deacon to be released from jail but not from his considerable guilt.

And so the story goes, country music style.

Who’s your daddy? What’s your biggest crime? How much of your soul will you sell to lift your career?

They’ve got me again.

I just hope that they still let these characters sing more than every once in a while. Don’t let the drama bury the music in Music City.

My favorite parts are still when they turn to the songs.

The coming attractions hint that Rayna will struggle with the loss of her voice this season. That could leave us with Juliette’s sound as the big band portion of our entertainment. Scarlett and Gunnar get back together — on stage at the Bluebird, at least — and that’s a good thing. This pair’s soft duet side is always a treat. Avery, meanwhile, gets to go solo on a piano as well as rip off riffs as Juliette’s lead guitarist. Keep him away from that Atlanta-style, please.

Who are your “Nashville” favorites when they get to the music?

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