Remember radio commercial makers, we’re listening while driving the car

What's that? (From

What’s that? (From

Two little beefs to note as we get ready to ring in this autumn-is-coming weekend in Syracuse. Nope, they have nothing to do with falling temperatures. This time around, at least.

Welcome back, Grumpus.

Today I’ve got to gripe about the stuff they put on the soundtrack of radio commercials.

I’m driving in my car, terrestrial station on the radio for a stretch, for local sports or DJs I like.

Minding my own business, really.

Then I hear a car beep and flinch. Beep-beep. Who’d I cut off? Who needs to get around me, and quick? Where’s the fire?

No. Just a commercial where they feel the need to replicate the unmistakeable car horn. Stop!

Or … that trademark chime that signals something’s come into your phone fills the car. Wife? Daughter? Urgent? Radio commercial. Stop, stop!

I can see the headline now. Distracted man drives into a tree.

Thank you for listening. Have a good Friday.

6 thoughts on “Remember radio commercial makers, we’re listening while driving the car

  1. Totally agree! I’ve flinched and muttered (insert expletive here) when that’s happened. Thank goodness I now have a car with a working CD player. TGIF and carry on, Grumpus!


    • Your use of expletive is the one case where it never has to be deleted. I, too, have a CD player and satellite radio, but sometimes good, old, comfort regular radio still wins the battle. Thanks, Jim.


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