It’s that special week when golf ends and bowling begins

Tuesday night golf ends just in time for Thursday night bowling to begin.

Tuesday night golf ends just in time for Thursday night bowling to begin.

It’s overlap week for me. It happens once a year, but only if the two schedules fall just right.

Out with the golf league.

In with the bowling league.

Two days separate the end and the beginning. I’m glad that the days fall in a way that the finish comes before the start.

When the last putt fell into the hole as dark deepened its embrace on Northern Pines Golf Course in Cicero last night, it signaled another season completed. Well done, Tuesday night group of friends that so proudly calls itself the Just for Fun league.

No standings. Everybody roots for each other. Men and women shoot high scores and low scores side-by-side, week-by-week, hoping for birdies and pars but not stomping around (much) after bogeys, double-bogeys and the (still-dreaded, I must confess) others.

Things are more competitive in the Thursday Night Men’s League at Bowling Green.

I’m ready to roll with my friends on the team sponsored by CiCi’s Pizza. Scores count from the first frame in September to the 10th frame 30 competitive weeks later.

Each game goes down as a win or loss.

The 12 teams all want to finish first and loathe each spot dropped under that mark.

Trophies are handed out for high average, high game, high series — with and without handicap. Last season I held high series with handicap for two months until somebody topped me by a pin on the last week of the season. I was annoyed.

A cool thing, though: We still know how to strive for great shots in the Just for Fun league and have fun despite missed ten-pins in the Thursday Night Men’s League.

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