It’s no longer an anniversary, but it’s still a good day to take stock

Aug. 15

Thirty years ago today, I walked into the offices of the morning paper in Syracuse and started working.

With words. With people. With ideas. With the Central New York community.

Every Aug. 15 since, I’d throw in a mental fist pump to mark another anniversary. I’d reserve a moment to take stock of my working world.

Plenty changed over the decades. I moved from the sports section to music and entertainment. The morning paper became the big daily as the afternoon paper’s life ended. The big daily took on a sister web site.

Plenty of good people will work hard today for the web site and big daily.

A lot of us were told to move on to other things on Jan. 31.

We’re not alone in this economy and culture. Industries change. Working forces are cut. Owners decide their businesses no longer are needed.

But many thrive. New opportunities arise.

And on this fine morning of Aug. 15, I will continue the tradition of taking stock of my working world.

I’m writing here on The blog for me to share my ideas my way did not exist last year. Twice a week, I write about films on, a fun and rewarding endeavor. As fans of Syracuse University football and basketball teams prepare for the Orange’s first year in the ACC, they can pick up the book co-written by Mike Waters and I to help enrich and enliven the experience.

And, behind the scenes, I send out resumes and cover letters, searching for another full-time opportunity here in Central New York.

I’m eager for a new beginning at the kind of place that will make me note with satisfaction my start date every year.

I’ve reached out to universities, not-for-profits, impressive companies, organizations all that make Central New York a better place to live.

I think the skills sharpened in journalism go far in a world where words and ideas, reach and relationships, matter so much.

Every day, a journalist faces a new Rubik’s cube, with twists and turns that require problem-solving skills of the highest order. No matter the subject, expertise must come quickly. You must evaluate what stories to chase. Identify sources. Ask questions. Form story lines. Strategize presentation with colleagues.

The results are always in full view, name attached, for the community to judge.

As always, thank you for letting me into your life with my words and ideas. I never take it for granted.

9 thoughts on “It’s no longer an anniversary, but it’s still a good day to take stock

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  2. As always, great article Mark! Thirty years … time flies when you’re having fun! You are a great writer (and quality guy) … The real scandal is how the paper got rid of so many good people and there was hardly a mention yet I’ve seen front page articles of fired radio/tv friends (with photos as they were leaving the building). Wishing you the best … Keep the faith (in yourself)! And let’s go Mets!


  3. Wow…our “anniversaries” were close…mine was to be Aug 18th! Remind me Tuesday to tell you about my “job interview” on Wed…it was almost as bad as the Optigolf one.


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