It’s a long way to St. Andrew’s from Camillus Country Club

On a hill in Onondaga County, N.Y., it's easy to dream.

On a hill in Onondaga County, N.Y., it’s easy to dream.

This morning-after following Phil Mickelson’s triumph at the British Open at Muirfield in Scotland, I was teeing it up to pay tribute at Camillus Country Club, a dozen or so miles to the west of Syracuse.

It’s a hilly course.

At one of the high spots, the members of CCC took the time to place a directional sign to let all know how close they are to … no, not heaven, but some of the best darn golf courses in the world.

The top sign shown here points toward St. Andrew’s, the British Open-rota course that’s likely the best known links course in the world.

Before I smashed my Big Bertha Diablo off the tee, I took a second to snap the photo above and dream about playing St. Andrew’s.

Back to reality.

My game couldn’t even stand up to CCC. I didn’t sink a putt longer than a foot. They must have been using the smaller holes today, I told my friends Chris, Nolan and Jason. Chris rolled in the only birdie of the day, but even he had to agree.

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