The Preservation Hall Jazz Band and The Doobie Brothers on July Fourth. Ain’t that America?

Logo by Syracuse artist Elliott Mattice.

Logo by Syracuse artist Elliott Mattice.

The Preservation Hall Jazz Band is coming to Central New York on July Fourth.

How American. How jazzy. How cool is that?

The M&T Syracuse Jazz Fest takes up its new slot in the entertainment schedule from Thursday to Saturday at Jamesville Beach Park, moving to the holiday weekend for its 31st edition. No more conflict with high school graduations. No more choice between the fest or grilling for Dad on Father’s Day.

The music starts at 4 p.m. with a set from the Syracuse Parks & Recreation All-Star Band, the ensemble of city scholastic jazz-loving students directed by Joe Carello and honoring the late Syracuse Area Music Awards hall of famer Stan Colella. The kids can play.

West Coast Cool with Manhattan Transfer’s Cheryl Bentyne and Mark Winkler backed by the Rick Montalbano Trio comes next, followed by Kat Wright & The Indomitable Soul Band.

The Preservation Hall Jazz Band will play its New Orleans trad set at 8. Since 1961, the ensemble has been representing the French Quarter venue for which it is named. The PHJB plays around the world. The sound and style of its founding pioneers has been passed down from generation to generation of musicians — and jazz lovers. In fact, the band is now directed by Ben Jaffe, the son of founders Allan and Sandra Jaffe.

At 9 p.m. comes the Price Chopper Fireworks. If past performances are any indication of future success, expect to hear the chill-inspiring rendition of “America the Beautiful” by fest founder Frank Malfitano favorite Ray Charles to be part of the soundtrack to the skyward sizzle.

The Doobie Brothers end the night with a set that starts at 9:30.

That’s rock ‘n’ roll history to celebrate as enthusiastically as the jazz vein that will flow before the Doobies. “Listen to the Music,” indeed. Since the 70s, the Doobies have scored hits with mellow songs, fast songs and soulful songs.

The headliner on Friday night is The Grandmothers of Invention, paying tribute to the late Frank Zappa in all of his eccentric brilliance.

On Saturday night, it’s popster Taylor Dayne, the Long Island singer who last year celebrated the 25th anniversary of her No. 1 hit “Tell It to the Heart.”

Admission is still free. Parking costs $5 per car, or $10 for VIP parking.

Coolers will be inspected

Because of the Boston Marathon bombing, Malfitano sent out a message about coolers on Tuesday:

“Coolers will be permitted, but not encouraged (in the interest of security and safety for all),” it reads. “If you bring a cooler, expect cooler inspections and brief delays.”

On the no-bring list: glass, alcohol, pets, fireworks and grills.

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