A hip-hop past helps solidify Sound Garden’s Syracuse future.

It took a talented politician to step in an help broker the deal that hopefully will keep The Sound Garden in Syracuse.

The Most Talented, in fact.

News outlets started reporting yesterday that another compromise of the bill that caused store owner Bryan Burkert to declare he was done with the city will move to vote this
coming week by the Common Council.

The new deal was negotiated by Bey and Mayor Stephanie Miner, and Burkert approves of the details, say the news outlets.

But less known is the fact that Bey moved to save a cornerstone of an industry that he knows from the business end of the microphone.

Bey has put out several hip-hop albums under the name The Most Talented.

I know him well from those days; we talked frequently about his work. I was always impressed by Bey’s determination and focus.

He’s taken them to the world of politics.

Bravo. Bravisimo. Hey, ho.

3 thoughts on “A hip-hop past helps solidify Sound Garden’s Syracuse future.

  1. Mark you are the man! I was reading the PS and I don’t believe it mentioned the musical past of Khalid Bey aka Most Talented.

    Sheds a totally different perspective on why we need to support Bey in his tenure in politics!


    • Langston, Isn’t it great when smart about music equals smart about life, and smart about life equals smart in politics? Thanks for reading my blog. Hope all is well with The Goonies.


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