Syracuse bands will recreate the vibe that filled Watkins Glen in 1973

From the seed of the great Thanksgiving Weekend show by the Syracuse All-Stars recreating “The Last Waltz,” a big jam in Cazenovia will blossom.

On July 28, popular Syracuse bands Dark Hollow, Los Blancos and the Barndogs will help music fans turn the calendar back exactly 40 years.

They’ll play the music that drew 600,000 fans to Watkins Glen on July 28, 1973, to witness the glory of the Grateful Dead, The Band and the Allman Brothers Band.

The show is called SummerJam Revisited. Like that glorious night last November in the Palace Theatre on James Street, the collection of top-flight Syracuse musicians will mirror the music from that popular show as closely as possible.

Dark Hollow has long been treating Central New York Deadheads to the music that Jerry, Bob and mates made classic. Los Blancos, joined once more by additional keyboardist Scott Ebner of The Ripcords, again will be The Band. The Barndogs, with Sue Royal of Shakedown on additional drums and Chad Mac (TJ Sacco) on guitar, will take on the Allman Brothers Band set.

All three groups will play sets that range from two to three hours at Cazenovia Ski Club, 5251 Rathbun Road, Cazenovia, N.Y.

Gates will open at 1 p.m. for the afternoon of music.

Tickets will start at $10 and then go up to $20. The earlybird tickets go on sale Wednesday, April 10, at Sound Garden in Armory Square and at When the earlybird allotment is gone, prices rise to $20.

The night of “The Last Waltz” pumped up the Syracuse music scene.

A day full of Watkins Glen-inspired jams is the next step.

4 thoughts on “Syracuse bands will recreate the vibe that filled Watkins Glen in 1973

  1. Hi, Mark – This sounds like a lot of fun. My friend’s son just went to Sound Garden to pick up earlybird tickets and was told they didn’t have any (it’s Wednesday, April 10). Any idea what’s up? Keep up the good blog work. We wouldn’t have known about this concert if I hadn’t seen it here – you’re still breaking news!


  2. Mark, I once took a sky diving lesson in return for writing a piece in an SU paper. The gentleman who taught me, I want to say his name was willard Smith, decided to jump into this festival at Watkins Glen with a flare attached to his leg. He had stolen the flare from the Seneca Army depot. Well, something went wrong and when Smith decided to jump he triggered the flare which then blew him into pieces as he was floating over the festival. Few people at the festival knew what had happened. True story my friend. I should have been skeptical when on our way to the Seneca Sport Parachute club , he tried to sell me a pound of hashish. When we got to the site for the lesson he met up with a bunch of State troopers all with pistols. They were going to jump from 5000 feet and then hold hands in the air. I rode up in the plane with them,and they basically pushed me out at 2800 feet.That is my memory of that festival.Skip MurphyOh , and the Greatful Dead sold their PA to the Band that day Date: Fri, 5 Apr 2013 12:24:12 +0000 To:


    • Good golly, Mr. Murphy! And I thought getting caught in the middle of the mud-throwing battle between Green Day and the wet fans while covering Woodstock II in Saugerties was a cool deal.


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