Feeling better, thank you

My space.

After a full week of recuperation, I’ll spill the tea, as the saying now goes.

I home-tested positive last Saturday. After the sneezing, hacking and stuffy head, I wasn’t sure I just had a cold or allergies or the flu kicking in.

Two lines showed up on the kit I pulled out of the medicine cabinet.

Two-and-a-half-years-plus of an abundance of caution … well, no longer can I say I haven’t had The Virus yet.

My dear wife Karen still has not, knock on wood. We’ve read enough and heard enough to know I had to STAY AWAY. I remained in the downstairs bedroom. She and cherished rescue mutt Ellie B had the whole upstairs. Disinfectant wipes were aplenty.

All her tests were good. Again, knock on wood.

I slept away great, massive chunks of time. My thinking was not clear. Work allowed me AWS with my issued laptop but my boss was lenient about my foggy brain.

I did not lose my senses of smell or taste, and ate all my meals, in somewhat smaller portions for the sneezing and coughing.

Mid-week I was working full shifts on the laptop … but still ignoring my own social media. Just not up to it.

Thankfully, I had scheduled a week-plus ahead on the blog, and I started to feel well enough to answer and leave a comment or two.

Today I will venture out with my mask.

Enough staring at those slippers.

Ain’t life something.

Be well, all.


22 thoughts on “Feeling better, thank you

  1. Sorry it got you MBM, glad you seem to have weathered it fine. Like you we have been battling a demon virus, possibly the flu, no positive test for covid thankfully. Doesn’t health feel wonderful!!!! (and that brain fog is horrid! our bouts with covid did tell us that!)


  2. so glad you are better and it sounds like you took the right route, take things easy, keep to yourself and give yourself time to rest and recover. I had it this summer, too. noticed after my sister visited and we both had bad-cold-like symptoms. I think many have had it without even knowing, as some of the symptoms match those of the illnesses we have had in the past. kind of your bosses to let your foggy brain rest –


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