Appealing to my good nature

I’ll come back when it’s warm.

What to do during a staycation?

A drive some 45 miles to the east to check out Good Nature Farm Brewing and Tap Room seemed to be a good idea.

A check of their website by my dear wife Karen (who was not on a staycation, dagnabbit) showed that they would open at 3 p.m. on a Tuesday. Off I went at 2 p.m. toward Hamilton.

The craggy parking lot yielded a welcoming building. The grounds called for a return visit come weather that would allow an outdoor sit-down with the family.

They make the beer in there.

The interior welcomed me warmly.

Belly-up there.

The one visible staffer took my food-and-beer to go order from the bar, and I settled in with big eyes and an active iPhone camera.

Wanted: Customers.

I thought that 3 p.m. on a Tuesday in February should be this slow?

I hoped they could weather two tables of eaters and one guy taking out only.

Will last us until next time.

The staffer first filled my growler with Good Natured Blonde Ale from the tap, then went to the collection of cans for two six packs of the same and a four-pack of Chocolate Explosion, Karen’s request.

They will have to last us awhile at home. I have yet to find this brew in any of our Syracuse-area markets, though Elisabeth and George have located the cans to the east in Oneida (which splits the distance between Liverpool and Hamilton).

Burger and fries in a box.

My food order: A burger and fries. Hold the onion, add cheddar to the burger.

Both came cozy in a box to hold in the heat on a trip home.

I did not say hold the greens on the burger. I should have. I think it was kale. My first bite found it too bitter for my with-burger sensibilities, and I stripped it off. The meat, cheese and bun passed muster, and the fries were seasoned well and tasty. I must admit I did have to reheat the whole box in the microwave for just short of a minute because, well, I live 45 minutes from the complex. This is not good for a burger and fries in general.

I look forward to eating there again, outside, hot and fresh.

18 thoughts on “Appealing to my good nature

  1. Thanks for the pics, Mark. For some reason, there are great eatin’ places in Madison County. I loved going to Empire in Caz (sadly now closed), Owera in Caz, and have you ever been out to Ray Brothers BBQ? Also, quite a few tasty family run roadside joints all along rte 20. Maybe it’s the proximity to Utica, one of the world’s best places for food.


    • I am a repeat customer to Ray Brothers BBQ, Mike. They stack up to the food level of Dinosaur and Limp Lizard, and the atmosphere is out of this world. Yes, the food road to Utica is rich with gotta-visits!


  2. It looks like a nice place …. especially if you wanted to avoid the crowd. Didn’t see a soul or maybe the crowd didn’t want their picture on WP. 😉

    I am sure you could write a book about all the different eating places you have featured on your blog.

    HECK! I could even write that book!


    • There were people dining at two tables, and I just avoided taking their photos out of courtesy, ladysighs. I hope they do better with the outdoor space come warmer times. About that book you are going to write from my dining posts, I hope you cut me in on the royalties, ha.

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