Paw prints prove she was there

Cherished rescue mutt Ellie B doesn’t spend quite so much time hanging out on her favorite side alcove futon during the yeah-it’s-really-winter cold. But her paw prints prove she goes in and out that door to make her way to the needed beyond.

So much winter you can’t tell there’s a pool

I know winter has settled in when I look out our back door and all I can spot are the tracks that cherished rescue mutt Ellie B has made around the perimeter of our pool. No signs of the cover stand out through the snow. And it’s not that it’s too deep, as you can…

I spy the Syracuse skyline

On a clear January morning break walk, one can look to the east down the Onondaga Lake shoreline and appreciate the Syracuse skyline forefront, country hills behind. It’s quite pretty, I think before I head back to the warmth of the library.

A tree-lined winter scene

I will keep my eyes out for eagles as I walk past the inviting-looking winter-bare trees along the shores of Onondaga Lake. The limbs look perfect for a rest for any eagles hanging around.’

I’ll walk carefully

When I think about slippery ice to avoid when I walk along Onondaga Lake Park’s paths, yes, it’s sidewalks and other walkways that can get covered that come first to my mind.

Now there’s some ice to avoid

The sign I showed yesterday warned about the thin ice. I knew if I looked hard enough I’d find some building up at the Onondaga Lake Marina. No time for boating or walking out there. I’ll stick to my shore strolls.