Boats will look pretty good between the trees, too

Frame it.

Hey, I think during my January morning work break walk, the warm weather return of the boats will look pretty good framed between these two trees come the end of May, too. Dream on, I will.

10 thoughts on “Boats will look pretty good between the trees, too

  1. Trees are a blessing in any of their forms. Having lived in Wyoming (where there are less trees than people), you come to appreciate trees. I actually get sad when I see the death of a tree (people in my neighborhood are forever cutting down trees – and I just don’t understand why one would do that – unless their diseased. But if it is just so one will have more lawn, that makes no sense to me). Keep warm, my friend!!


  2. Thank goodness for those trees. I wonder what the trees would look like if you photographed them from a boat on the lake? But then I remember your comment about not going out on boats. Pity. 😦


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