Oh, for the warmer times

I like that patio.

The empty boat slips in the Onondaga Lake Marina isn’t the only place I walk past in Liverpool that makes me think of warmer times.

Yes, I like eating on the patio of the Retreat come spring and summer.

Nicely decorated.

They do the best they can to make it look good in winter for those spectating.

14 thoughts on “Oh, for the warmer times

    • I lived in the DC area for six years, and appreciated the month of better weather on each end of spring and fall, if you know what I mean, ladysighs. When I moved back to New York I had to get used to the longer winter season all over again.

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      • My eight year stay was over 50 years ago. We probably have very different views of the area. I lived in a high rise called Southern Towers. I can’t remember the fun parties but I know there were a few. 🙂


      • My stay was 40-plus years ago. I moved down to finish my college studies and stayed to work my first four years in the newspaper biz, ladysighs. I worked in the Washington Post office for a short and memorable (for me at least) bit but that came after the famed Watergate years. I did meet Ben Bradlee … he creeped up next to me one hectic night when I had my feet up on a desk during a minute’s break, watching a basketball game on a TV in the sports department and he asked me what the score was. And I did meet Katherine Graham. She got in the elevator the same time as me once and looked sideways out of her eyes at the college student/part-timer riding up to start his nobody-else-wants-it Sunday morning shift in the sports department. Anyway, thanks for allowing me to think back to that.

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