Our new fig tree likes its winter home in the shed

Special delivery.

My friend John brought over the fig tree grown in his backyard and designated for delivery for my dear wife Karen and I to love and nature in our space since I admired his grove of trees a few miles away and listened carefully to how he coaxes them to life and cares for them through various stages.

Our turn to cultivate.

I believe we’re ready to allow the life in the brown pail become something special.

Winter home.

The first step is to keep it out of the winter’s harshest wrath of snow and wind, snug among our tools and equipment in the shed. We’ll water it once a month, John instructs.

This will grow on me.

Come spring, out it will come to a spot we’ll pick for sun and and safety from cherished rescue dog Ellie B’s curious advances. We’ll then fertilize and nurture and wait for some delicious fig fruit. Knock on wood.

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