Advent Beers, Part III

Batch three of my present.

Here’s the third batch of the beers I enjoyed one per night from my terrific daughter Elisabeth and George’s Advent Christmas present.

Happy New Year’s Event.

I hope everybody is staying safe and well as we ring in the end of this 2020 and prepare to welcome in 2021.

7 thoughts on “Advent Beers, Part III

  1. I got a $25 gift card to Wine & More, and in honor of your former post, my husband and I spent it on mix and match beers. Most of the choosing is based on the labels (like a book cover), so that mustache one would have ranked with us. Now we, too, have a pantry with 10 different kinds of ales. I have enjoyed mine, but I doubt he will fancy any porter, as he did not drink till his 30s and likes the light stuff. Tell us how the Rogue is; I love hazelnut creamer but detest actual hazelnuts (I pick them out of the fancy nuts and give them to the dogs now).


    • It was a shocker to have my first taste of a beer that tasted much like a hazelnut coffee, Kerbey. Alas, as in many of these first-time beers, I became more accustomed to the new taste and liked it more with each sip. Mostly. There were two or three that truly could not win me over. I am not a fan of bitter beers or the truly brown stouts.


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