Just add kids

Neighborhood signs

The children’s playground across the road is ready for kids. I notice the bus picking the little ones up at the end of their long weekday of daycare, and I am happy about that.

4 thoughts on “Just add kids

  1. This sign reminds me of an unfortunate street sign I once encountered that should have had a second glance before it was manufactured, “Slow Children at Play!” Great capture Mark! I hope the positive signs continue. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year my Bialdez Brother!


  2. While I hate noisy bass from cars and mean Amazon porch pirates, it would be weird to live so isolated from seeing kids. I love seeing the kids get off the bus because it reminds you that life goes on after we’re gone. My husband grew up on a ranch and wants to move to a bigger plot of land, but it would be weird to not see school buses, no? That’s my issue with 55+ retirement communities, too. We are not there yet, but it would be so nice to have peace and quiet and not deal with crazy single adults in their 20s and 30s. But then you would never see kiddos either. 😦


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