Add a little heat and it does smell like the season

Great present

Not soup.

My terrific daughter Elisabeth sent a text shortly before my dear wife Karen’s birthday asking what she might like for her birthday.

Fall-scented candles, I discovered.

Yet that didn’t satisfy the present-hunting itch for my daughter. Later came a question about a device that melted wax. No, I had not heard of it. She texted a photo. A candle without fire, I discovered.

Our birthday lunch included the handing over of the melting device and lots of fall-scented wax. You see some above, immediately set up when we returned home.

You bet that my dear wife likes it. A lot.

10 thoughts on “Add a little heat and it does smell like the season

  1. Happy Birthday to your dear wife Karen! Aren’t these the greatest! Never have to worry about them if you leave your house!

    Hope you are not shoveling lots of snow right now…

    Merry Thursday!


  2. Happy birthday to Karen! Erik has a December birthday too. What a great idea, all the warmth of a candle without the flame. Safe. Good thinking Elisabeth! I hope that storm has come and gone Mark! Take good care


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