Table side, but not too close

My recent safe stroll through Onondaga Lake Park discovered the tables have been (re)turned. Walkers and visitors can once again sit for a spell. Keep six feet apart, and keep those masks on, please and thank you.

Placid lake

Some days a safe work break stroll discovers a perfectly still Onondaga Lake. I wonder how it can be this calm while the world churns on.

Follow the directive

Recently pulled into the Onondaga Lake Park Marina: A place that just might make it easier for the owners to stay home these next few months.

A more hopeful sign

On a recent work break stroll from the library, my first turn in from the Village of Liverpool streets found these signs. I follow the safe directions, yes. They mean the park is more officially open as our Central New York regions phases in.

Do I re-up or let is lapse? Loyalty or finances?

Shortly after my latest edition of Sports Illustrated arrived in my mailbox, a renewal notice came, too. I’ve been a subscriber for many decades. Heck, in the Wayback, I signed young people up for Sports Illustrated for Kids, hoping it would foster the love for the well-told story (and maybe sports too) that burned in…

Hathaway wastes a lot of energy in The Last Thing He Wanted

Choosing movies during the never-ending stay-at-home has turned into a Netflix scroll. Oh, look, Anne Hathaway and Ben Affleck in a 2020 thriller adapted from a Joan Didion novel. Click for The Last Thing Wanted. Dee Rees directed and co-wrote with Marco Villabos this adventure set in the 1980s. It’s based on the Iran Contra…

Direct from Hot Springs, they remain Dapper and Debonaire

My sister-in-law Lynne and niece Stormy own a cool store in Hot Springs, Ark. Dapper and Debonair. I’d shop there if I lived anywhere near Hot Springs. Oh, wait. They have a website for buying their great products. A ways back, they sent me some fantastic shave soap and brush as a gift. I loved…

Thank you for my Mets mask, Amber

My friend and former big daily colleague Amber sent me a Facebook message asking for an actual address. She makes masks in her free time. This New York Mets mask was produced specifically for me. Yes, she has me pegged. Her wishes that I get to wear it to an actual New York Mets or…

Perennially purple and white

This frontyard combo is another example of why I am the biggest fan of the perennial aisles of our favorite local nursery Ballantyne Gardens. These show up for us every dang year. With good fortune, so will the perennials we pick hereafter. My dear wife Karen does like throw in an annual here and there,…

Bird bath and little guy

We’d love for the pretty cardinals to take a dip in our backyard bird bath. Just saying. My dear wife Karen tells me the shortie purple bloom to the right is new this year, too. Did we put it in, or did nature just occur?