This pup may never get to the end of its rope

Lots of leash.

You gotta know your dog.

So this owner must truly trust her canine’s ability to stay within its own limits while walking at Onondaga Lake Park.

That is one long leash.

11 thoughts on “This pup may never get to the end of its rope

  1. I prefer a short leash, whether it’s on Sadie or any other dog. I want to know when I’m out, everyone’s in control of their pups. I’ve seen some dogs who are great off-leashers, but I don’t think it’s good policy in areas like the one featured. I can’t know that and I shouldn’t have to worry about it, and if I worry about it, it’s really not good for the humans who are frightened of dogs.


  2. Before we got our fence, I used one of those retractable leashes for Cody in the back yard. She nearly yanked my shoulder out of its socket! I’d never trust myself, or her, with a retractable leash in public. And I hated it in our old neighborhood when people used those leases to let their dogs go all the way up someone’s yard to do their business – and then simply walked away without picking it up. Very annoying.


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