If you and a friend need to ride

Set up for speed?

The bikes are all in a row at Onondaga Lake Park.

Go on inside.

You too can rent and ride in style.

I have not been tempted, I must say, even though I walk this stretch of Onondaga Lake Park a lot and spot people look fairly happy as they pedal past in many colorful combinations.

13 thoughts on “If you and a friend need to ride

  1. The one time I tried to ride a bike, I fell off and nearly killed myself. I was in my 20s, newly married, and hubby and I thought it would be fun to go bike riding. Within a day or two of that incident, I discovered I was pregnant with our first child, so that was the end of learning what I considered a dangerous activity. (It was a 10-speed bike, and we later figured out the gears had stuck, so I was going way faster than I should have for my first time out.) The bikes in your photos look do-able, though – four wheels! Even I could probably manage that.


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