We didn’t forget to visit the Alamo

A piece of history.

History stands out in the middle of San Antonio.

Proudly it stands.

My dear wife Karen, terrific daughter Elisabeth, her sensational significant George Three and I were walking on the square that carries its name, and there it was.


You can find many pieces of history outside and in.

So many remember.

On a hot Sunday afternoon, we took it in.

The Crockett Hotel also still stands.

I appreciated San Antonio’s appreciation.

Pretty place.

The garden full of statues is quite beautiful.

Me and Mr. Crockett.

There are photo opps, yes.

12 thoughts on “We didn’t forget to visit the Alamo

  1. Sadly, history has been way too kind to the Alamo. Mexico had abolished slavery in 1829. Bowie, Crockett and company were fighting to break away from Mexico so the institution of slavery could be maintained in the Texas region. They were slave holders and to glorify their “fight for liberty” is ironic and pretty much Hollywood myth. I wonder if any of this is mentioned on the plaques at the Alamo.


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