The River Walk by water really rocks

Start here.

There are more than one spot to catch a boat to loop around the San Antonio River, we discovered as we rode in the craft we’d chosen on an already steamy Sunday morning.

Tell us about it.

Destination, edification.

Come sail away.

Our trip leader Dave was ready to fill us in about the many sights we’d pass.

Please do enjoy as much as we did.

Old money.

La Mansion is coming upon its 100-year mark. It still looks sturdy.

Fine, art.

This sculpture was a gift from the artist, who took umbrage when a local writer described it as a red statue.

High point.

The big tower was built for the city’s 1968 World’s Fair.

Piece by piece.

The Hilton to the right went up for that grand exposition, too. To meet a strict deadline, the rooms were built individually offsite and then put together on top of each other, one by one.


A scene from the popular movie Miss Congeniality was shot at the Arneson River Theater. Dave said it lasted 17 seconds on screen but took days to shoot.

Love you like a lock.

Paris has the Pont des Arts bridge.

San Antonio has its own Love Lock Bridge along the River Walk.

Long may it last.

A couple was doing its thing as we passed under.

Paris officials decided their locks had to go in 2015 when the bridge started collapsing from the added weight. May San Antonio be saved from that predicament.

7 thoughts on “The River Walk by water really rocks

  1. Oh nice! I see you’re in my state. Sorry about the heat. I’ll have to go read the other posts now! There are some nice trails in San Antonio if you like hiking. Check out Eisenhower Park. Happy touring!


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