The River Walk boats catch the eye

Our San Antonio nightfall walk took us over a bridge that crossed the River Walk.

I’m glad I looked down.

Here they come!

Here came a boat full of people enjoying their Saturday evening.

They know how to do the wave.

I was mesmerized.


A guide was filling them in on what they were seeing, I figured.

See you tomorrow.

We thought we’d like to take that ride the next day.

First, though, we walked down those stairs looking for a taste of the River Walk atmosphere and something to eat.

The many restaurants were packed on the bustling Saturday night.

We chose a place that served all its sandwiches and burgers on fried doughnuts.

Hot chili.

I went for a bowl of naked chili. It was extremely spice. Maybe I should have gotten the Cheetoh’s they offer to top it, I thought. Karen’s chicken salad was tasty. I know because I ate a lot of what she left in her bowl. Elisabeth and George Three said the donuts their burgers came on were savory, not sweet.

Sorry, I was too hungry or occupied to take photos off all the food.

Refreshment needed.

I did manage to get us all to arrange our beverages in an interesting array, though.

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