Bring it

I saw a truck full of snow during my Friday work break walk.

Pile it up.

And by following it, I discovered where the Village of Liverpool brought the snow it cleared from the sidewalks and curbside.

I was too slow to catch the truck unloading, but …

Until the melt.

This empty lot works well enough until the next warmup.

12 thoughts on “Bring it

  1. They actually truck the snow somewhere? Here, they just keep pushing it to the side of the road, and those banks get really, really high. Makes it dangerous to pull in and out of parking lots. One more reason (and perfectly acceptable in my mind) to simply stay in all winter.


  2. We get snow so seldom here, they don’t move it at all. Nowhere to put it, and no moving implements to get it somewhere. Not to mention, no one here really knows how to use a snowplow at all…


  3. I asked, during on of those snowbanks so high when you rode in a car you felt like you were in a tunnel winters, if they dumped the snow in the lake. i was told no, because of the ice melt and salt and other chemicals. But I wonder, when it melts doesn’t it end up in the lake anyway>


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