Are you blue?

Uncovering secrets.

Gutter guy Joe Bury left us a clue to the past of A Bitty Better when he repaired our underlying problem in the backyard of A Bitty Better in the Liverpool neighborhood of Galeville.

My dear wife Karen and I looked at the aftermath and decided that in decades past, our house may indeed have been a shade of baby blue.

I picture the whole effect and wonder who, what, how … you know, the journalist in me.

12 thoughts on “Are you blue?

  1. It’s amazing what we find.

    Here at the LakeHouse we have found some of my Dad’s shortcuts. As you know … I purchased my childhood home from my siblings. Anyhoo, my sweet man has repaired quite a few of those shortcuts.

    Now as for blue on house… it’s got to be the “right blue.”


  2. When my last house was renovated, we discovered all kinds of paint colors under the existing paint. I’m afraid of what might be under the paint and floor tile at my new house. As for the floors, I’m hoping hardwood, but it more likely will be that same ugly yellow linoleum that was under the bathroom floor, since I can see a corner of under the hallway carpet leading to the living room. That’s going to be a pain to remove.

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