When it grows, it grows fast

Cold, cold, cold, right to summer.

That’s the way it seems to have turned here in the Liverpool neighborhood of Galeville.

Scraggly front.

And when our lawn around A Bitty Better needed its first cut of the season …

Very scraggly.

… it really needed it.

Front and back.

This made the task a bit more labor intensive than usual, once I got the oil changed in our trust told pusher.


Ellie’s patch.

The lines out front looked pretty sharp, if I must say so myself.

But Ellie B’s backyard has its bare spots, that’s for sure.

20 thoughts on “When it grows, it grows fast

  1. It seemed like just last week, or the week before anyway, the lawn was still covered by snow. Yesterday, the grass had grown to the point where hubby had to at least cut the front. Hopefully, that huge back yard can wait until we get the new riding mower next week. Our little present to ourselves since neither one of us is young enough to push that mower any more. It’s one of those little riding mowers, not one of the tractors, and I think I’ll look spiffy riding on it – if hubby lets me use it at all.


  2. Our grass needs a lot of attention too,we have an area for Ruby on the back garden as well. It just like yours. Female dog’s per is far more detrimental to lawns than make’s!


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