One heck of a newspaper staff

My Facebook friend Pat Myers put a photo on my page last week that begged for a Throwback Thursday slot here.

We had ink in our veins.

We were the student staff of the University of Maryland daily, The Diamondack.

It was one hell of a college newspaper those 40 years ago. This black-and-white was captured for the yearbook in 1978. I’m beardless, somewhat close to front and center, a member of the sports staff amid other reporters and editors.

Pat on Facebook pointed out how very many of these folks went on to distinguished journalism careers. I’m proud to be one of them, then and now.

I know by reading the website that the Diamondback staffers are still producing compelling stories.

Keep it up, Maryland students of a special craft. We need you.

17 thoughts on “One heck of a newspaper staff

    • A lot of students at U of Maryland dream the journalist dream, then and – I very much hope – now, Sandra. And they sure flocked to the daily newspaper to ply the trade when I was on campus. …
      Thanks for throwing the TT victory to me. 🙂

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