It takes all kinds to get the job done at the library

There’s a tradition where I work that I got to experience for the first time this month.

Staff Development Day falls in April. They close the library to patrons and get all the staffers in the big community room to share the workday and learning sessions.

Our presenter this year taught us well about time management in the morning.

And in the afternoon, we broke up in our departments and made collages.

Check us out.

We grabbed magazine to cut out photos and words that best described our daily challenges.

What we do.

It forced us to think and communicate about what we face every day. Boss Diane and co-workers Edina and Chris and I agreed with what to put on our Communications board.

Who does that?

After all boards were completed, representatives were sent to the front of the room to explain the finished product. I was elected to represent our department. My co-workers said I did well.

I took pictures of the collages, up now in the staff break room.

I enjoy this place very much as I approach my first year anniversary. I can smile about the pieces and the big picture as I drive the couple of miles to an from my house to the library.

What’s going on these days where you work?

20 thoughts on “It takes all kinds to get the job done at the library

  1. Here’s to many more years to your library work, Mark. It will be 17 years in July that I’ve been a library assistant at Alfred University’s Herrick Memorial Library and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I find the academic library setting a most delightful way for me to “moonlight,” while also keeping my “day” job of publishing The Alfred Sun. The constant interaction with young people keeps me…..feeling young. Hope to see you at the Morrisville College Journalism Reunion in July!!


    • Thanks for sharing your two-pronged experiences here, Jillian, so similar to my work lives. And, yes, fellow Morrisiville, grad, we will say hi in person at the 50th for the program in July. (RIP Big Jer.)


  2. happy almost anniversary at the library, mark. i love this idea! collage is one of the art forms that i frequently use to make cards and books for people. a lot is said with just putting a few words and pictures together in a new way. fantastic staff meeting idea.


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