Bearly hanging out

Unique lawn ornament.

Unique lawn ornament.

I’m really glad it wasn’t a real bear that Ellie B aka Dogamous Pyle and I stumbled across during yesterday’s leisurely walk around the blocks surrounding the Little Bitty in the Syracuse city neighborhood of Eastwood.

Or perhaps this cute little front-yard decoration out for a May swing is situated in Lyncourt. The pretty house is on one of the streets that straddles the two jurisdictions.

In any case, I knew it was a wood piece and nothing truly alive because I had to drag our beloved rescue mutt back for a shot with my iPhone 6 instead of her pulling my arm out of its socket for the chance to investigate.

After I’d pointed out the pretty flowers in front and the bear behind, she was all nosy.

This may be a new addition to the premises. I can’t recall the carving coming to my attention any time before this.

I like it.

What unique lawn pieces have you seen this spring? What’s your favorite fake animal, and why? What do you think of the swinging bear?


41 thoughts on “Bearly hanging out

  1. Positively ridiculous-Terp! These things do not exist on beachside Florida-are you kidding me??????? ON the mainland side you may see a plastic flamingo staked into the ground but that would be the most stupid thing around these parts my friend. Gatorette.


  2. Are those lights around it? I’d like to see it lit up.

    For years there used to be a yard here with small bushes running across shaped like animals. They trimmed them meticulously and they have always been my favourite yard decoration.


  3. I like the lady bent over (ha!) Just kidding -you do see them occasionally in some neighborhoods but not often.



  4. My least favorite is in a yard not far from here. The house sits on a curve in a rural area. Three deer situated near the entrance to their driveway. I slam my brakes on thinking I’m hit a deer, especially at night.


    • Ha! Oh Lynne, I just have to tell you this story. When I trucked in Newfoundland we quite often crossed the island (565 miles) overnight – having gotten off the ferry (where we had sleeper berths) at suppertime with a next a.m. delivery appointment in St.John’s. Newfoundland has a huge population of moose as there are no natural predators (moose are an invasive species that has done well). There is a hunting season but there is also a 100 miles long Federal park (Terra Nova) in the middle of the island where the moose ramble free of hunting all year around. There are a lot of miles of road that were just built to join communities,so there are many long empty stretches – sometimes 50+ miles without a human. Naturally the cops do not patrol at night unless they are called out. So when you put all that together, (and moose are often nocturnal) we all drove very fast between towns and every year people were killed when they hit a moose.The government put up signs and begged people to slow down especially at night but when you are looking at 500 miles before bedtime – the temptation to speed was very great. And so year after year, there were ad campaigns, signs, radio spots, tourist literature, truckers material – all of which begged everyone to slow own and no one did. Finally in a fit of desperation (remember Nfld at the time was poor so the solution had to be cost effective – no extra police) they built about 12 full sized wooden moose replicas from plywood and painted them up like real moose. They even added reflective eyes. Every afternoon, the road crews would pick up the wooden moose and set them up through the park and around blind corners and just over hill crests – always just at the side of the road and always in a new spot. And every morning there would be dozens of black rubber skid marks just before the moose where the drivers had spotted it an thought it was real. Everyone complained but the process started to work. Then someone got surprised one too many times. I was late crossing one morning as I had a delivery on the way across and every single wooden moose I came to was disintegrated by shotgun blasts.It seems the meat was too tough to take home though. Bwahaha!


  5. That swinging bear is adorable, but I think the lights would detract from it. They maybe should have gone with a strategically placed ground light instead. There used to be a yard down the street from us that had bunny statues. Drove the dogs crazy every time. Dumb dogs – there are lots of real bunnies around, they couldn’t tell the difference?


  6. i love walking around and ‘discovering’ surprises like this bear. so far this season, i’m a fan of a giant elephant sculpture peeking out from a neighbor’s front porch )


  7. Am I a crabby old lady if I saw that lawn ornaments make me nuts? Not a fan. But each to our own. Though did see a clever one the other day – made of flower pots, a girl and a boy running. Kids were life-size, so lots of pots used. Cute. But I don’t get it, really. They don’t DO anything. ??


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