It’s a new day for our pearly whites

When I last wrote about my teeth cleaning experience at my dentist’s office, several people threw a flag after spotting the photo of the Spinbrushes used by my dear wife Karen and I.

Including a dentist I know — not my dentist — who wrote on my Facebook page how the old electric brushes were so worn that new heads were needed immediately. They’re doing no good, he warned. Mine, especially, was squished and squashed. I press harder.

Well, our week away to the Happy Cottage in Cape Cod came shortly thereafter and we brought our travel hand-drivens.

Upon return, it was back to the old ‘spinners.

But shopping this week, we past the tooth care aisle, and there we were with Karen explaining to me again how Spinbrush had discontinued our model, so what did we want to do about it?

The Winner.

The Winner.

SoniCare came to my mind as the brand that several people had recommended back on my last post.

We read boxes and compared prices and bought two.

Ready for action.

Ready for action.

They’re identical, but Karen came up with the idea of also buying small colored stickers to put at the bottom of the bases so we can identify them.

Lo and behold, they were charged already, and Karen used hers immediately. Different, she said. Bumblebees in her mouth, she said.

I looked mine over, and liked the small head. It’ll fit the way way back. I dotted it with Colgate Total Tartar Control. My mouth hummed like a hive.

Have you ever had a household favorite gadget have a necessary replaceable part get discontinued, and if so, what was it and what did you do?
What brand and kind of brush do you use for your teeth? What’s your favorite toothpaste, and why?


48 thoughts on “It’s a new day for our pearly whites

  1. I use the battery operated crest, colgate spin brushes- whatever is on sale! The dentist recommended my husband use a water pick which sounds like a train coming through the bedroom in the morning, but seems to work well. I started using Sensodyne toothpaste a few years ago. And let’s not forget the Crest Strips- nothing more aging than yellow teeth!! πŸ˜€


  2. Guilty of using the old Spinbrush, may have to upgrade to the SonicCare following your report. My absolute favorite toothpaste for overall effectiveness: Crest Baking Soda & Peroxide Whitening Toothpaste. Thanks for the report on the SonicCare brushes. When I find a product that really meets or exceeds expectations, I have a tendency to share it with the world at large!


    • I had to share this, Mark. The Spinbrush was great in comparison to age-old hand-held, but the heads wore out so quickly, and they stopped making them for the rechargeable — or we couldn’t find them anymore. Anyway, glad to share this new find to better mouth health. πŸ™‚


  3. Strangely enough I bought a new tooth brush this very week. It is soft brush, but the old fashioned type, not battery operated. Needless to say my teeth are in excellent condition, I never miss my six-monthly. And floss every single day.


  4. Um, I know I use an electronic toothbrush but as to which brand, I don’t even know. Wait! I’ll go run upstairs to see so I can tell you. BRB … OK! It is Braun Oral B. So far the heads have not been discontinued. See how much I pay attention to the mundane things in life? Now this has got me thinking that perhaps hubby is right when he tells me my head is up in the clouds. *sighs* Point for hubby!!! Tee hee ….
    FYI …. T’IS sunny here, cuz!!! I must return to my sad gardens to bring some type of order out of them. It is SO bad here that now it is beginning to look like Oregan with our trees covered in moss. Whoa!!! I have NEVER seen this! And my gardens …. they have become jungles!!!
    Thanks again for keep me company yesterday, cuz from the east! I not only did the hall floors I had planned on doing, but scrubbed out 4 kitty pans too!!! YAY! All because I had a smile on my face that YOU put there!!! A smile goes a long way, so make sure you brush those pearly whites! LOL (((HUGS))) AmyRose cuz from the west


  5. My son got a spin brush…it was kind of free..came with his ‘braces plan’. It started losing power pretty much immediately. We called the company, since it was a lifetime warranty, and they kept sending us new ones, new parts, but the same thing kept happening until we gave up. Anyway, that’s my little story on it!


  6. My favorite toothpaste is Arm & Hammer Baking Soda type. Their brand, not the others’ versions of baking soda paste.

    My friend says the Sonicare changed her life in terms of dental visits; she doesn’t dread them anymore. πŸ™‚


  7. I use the old fashioned toothbrush, no batteries or parts to replace.

    I’ve had kitchen equipment break and the parts were no longer available–coffee makers, food processors, etc. I had to buy new ones. Too bad. πŸ˜‰


  8. If I grow to love something. I mean, really, really love something. It is most certain that it will be discontinued. Sigh. Glad you and Karen got new tooth brushes – nothing like running your tongue over clean teeth Mark. ❀
    Diana xo


  9. We switched to a Sonicare several years ago when both my kids had braces. I love our Sonicare. Our previous Sonicare stopped working and I lived with a manual toothbrush for 1 day, was so miserable because I felt like my teeth were not clean at all. Ever since using the Sonicare – never had a cavity or anything. I just go for my cleanings every 6 months and everything is perfect. Also like Glide dental floss, best floss out there. Doesn’t fray when you are try to clean in between your teeth. I think you will be happy you switched to a Sonicare!!!!!


  10. I still use the hand powered type brush. πŸ˜‰ Though I’m seriously considering a sonic…. And yes, things have worn down and never been replaced because I can’t get what I had any more.


  11. “Bumblebees in her mouth”. Ha,ha! That’s a perfect description. I have a battery operated one and change the head on it when needed. They are the BEST. I could never go back to a regular ‘ol brush. It’s like going back to crank down windows on a car after having used electric window openers! πŸ™‚


  12. We love our Sonicares! We’ve had them a couple years. And when we go on vacations (like we just did twice in the past two weeks), they stay fully charged for the whole week in the suitcase. Never have to bring the charging base, so that is nice. Congratulations. Your dentist will notice the change.


  13. I like the Crest 3D Vibrant Mint, Mark. Yes, I frequently run into replacement items not being available any more, and it drive me crazy! I’m glad you both got new toothbrushes. And I like Karen’s sticker idea, but if they get wet there, won’t they fall off? How about a nail polish dot?


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