Kimberly Rossi nourishes her many loves

Kimberly Rossi, busy always.

Kimberly Rossi, busy always.

When Kimberly Rossi is on the other side of the message, I know the story likely is going to be interesting.

She’s the one who urged me to review the hot new CD by the Fabulous Ripcords and write about the dentist who provided free work to those who served on Veterans Day and write about the new things happening with Larry Luttinger and Central New York Jazz.

So imagine my surprise when Grupo Pagan band leader Edgar Pagan invited Kim to join the host of singers for a chorus to accompany them at the Syracuse Area Music Awards.

“That was a real honor to be called up at the Sammys,” Rossi says. “That’s one of the sure rules of a musician. You can never ask.”

And then I discovered she had recorded music herself under the name Dreamy Harper.

Here’s the link to her Dreamy Harper Reverb Nation page, where you can hear her songs.

I decided that this time around, I wanted to write a story about Kimberly Rossi for my Mark It Up community blog for Syracuse Public Media site

You can read my column by clicking the link below.

Kim was quite surprised when I pulled out my reporter’s pad and started asking her questions about herself instead of people or causes she was represented like the ones below.

Here’s the link for my story about the Fabulous Ripcords.

Here’s the link to my story about Dr. Joan Laura, who provided free dentistry to veterans.

Here’s the link to my story about Larry Luttinger and CNY Jazz.

Do you know anybody who’s suddenly started singing and surprised you with their publc-ready voice, and if so, who are they and what kind of music do they sing? Do you know anybody who works many jobs, and all seem to be good for the community? If you were going to sing under a performance name, what would you choose?

24 thoughts on “Kimberly Rossi nourishes her many loves

  1. Cool lady 🙂 You do run in those circles, Mark. Katy Vernon is my nomination for busy regular person who is also a talented musician. Don’t know how she does it–day job, late-night gigs, Brownie troop leader, mom, pet lover.

    You can give me my stage name. Or maybe the name I’ll write books under.


  2. That’s a great blog but an awful lot of questions. I’ll have to think on the questions when my brain isn’t so fried.


  3. Ahhh. and the positive power of the journalist rears its head – the ability to sometimes write about those who are behind the scenes , who make it work for others, who deserve recognition and reward for their hard work that would other wise go unrecognized. I am listening to her music as I write this and it is wonderful Mark. You have done a good thing here bringing this woman and her talents to everyone’s attention. Bravo! Thank you very much.


  4. Aww love that you chose to write about Kim and that you surprised her with that Mark. ❤
    Diana xo

    I don't have a stage name, but I used to have a fake name to give to those who gave me the heebie jeebies , Susanne Smith… I know, lame, right? ❤

    Diana xo


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