At the Blog of Funny Names, I offer Aloe Blacc, singer



So I was watching one of the happy time-and-space filling Christmas afternoon holiday specials on that big day when who should pop up amid the musical segments but one Aloe Blacc. It was an interview about the meaning of Christmas, and this man of a Funny Name revealed that his father was one of 13 children.

That’s a lot of wrongly spelled Blacc’s spilled out into our world, I immediately thought on this blessed afternoon. Also: Yes, indeed, I have pinned down my subject for this here installment of The Blog of Funny Names.

And so I dove into the history of this curiously and funny-named, first-and-last, singing sensation whom I’d previously seen and raised both eyebrows over, one at a time mind you …

Read the rest of the story there …

12 thoughts on “At the Blog of Funny Names, I offer Aloe Blacc, singer

  1. I think the River Phoenix family and also Joaquin really are up there with some challenging names. Sadly, I did admire River before he died… What about Candy Cane or Candy Cain? I have had students named Tiffany Blue for first and middle names, which sounded pretty but what if they were a doctor? Just saying…. smiles for your find of Aloe… Good one, Mark!!


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