I finally woke up from those triptowhatevers

The turkey and fixings sure were fine yesterday.

The company was finer.

Thanks was given for the opportunity to sit down at the unfolded portable table in kitchen of the house my dear wife Karen and I call The Little Bitty and enjoy the company of Daryl, Elisabeth and George for the holiday.

You know I took pictures as we celebrated that they made their way through the few inches of snow from the suburbs to the Eastwood neighborhood in the city of Syracuse.

Daryl, George and Elisabeth happy at Thanksgiving.

Daryl, George and Elisabeth happy at Thanksgiving.

My dear wife Karen, with the turkey that once again succeeded in carving.

My dear wife Karen, with the turkey that once again I succeeded in carving.

Afterward, we watched some football — the Lions sure looked good and the Bears not — and then one syrupy Hallmark Channel movie about a cookie baking contest and budding love for good measure. I may have nodded off just a bit, but I awoke clear-headed to hear Elisabeth call it cheesey at the end, and I knew nevertheless she liked it better than another football game. The kids packed up to leave to go to other parents’ houses after that. It was a sweet day.

I asked Karen as she’s preparing to leave for work now if we’re having leftovers for dinner this evening. Yes. Score.

How delicious was your meal, and what were the highlights? Were there any special family moments shared? How many leftover meals do you think you’ll be eating?

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54 thoughts on “I finally woke up from those triptowhatevers

  1. Looks like you and your family had a great time and a marvelous feast. We’ll be having turkey and the fixings for some time now. We also had 2 pies and pumpkin spice marshmallow treats. A great time relaxing with our family. It also was Jenn’s (our youngest daughter) birthday. So, a double reason to celebrate. ๐Ÿ˜‰


  2. Your beautiful family!!!! We had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Lots of left overs from what WAS made. My daughter ‘hosted’ this year. As is custom, we always bring our part. We arrived early to put our dishes in the oven to stay warm. I didn’t smell any foods cooking or see evidence of any foods. And her husband was gone…. I asked her where everything was. She just grinned. I thought she was messing with me. She DID NOT MAKE ANYTHING!!!! Her husband had gone to pick up the turkey that they had sent out to be cooked. If not for me and my other daughter we wouldn’t have had anything but turkey!!!!!! I told her this will be told forever, and embellished upon. ๐Ÿ™‚


  3. Your table and your company looked wonderful! Mine was very good, I had my first and last left-overs today. They are delicious, but I’m allergic to so many of them, they just make me feel sick. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ


  4. You went from NFL to Hallmark? You’re lucky you didn’t burst a blood vessel in your heid. How ’bout them Eagles? Even more impressive. And built on the Jet’s cast-off QB! Fantastic game. I hate the Cowboys. Oh…wait…you didn’t see it, did you? You were watching something teary.


    • I hate the Cowboys, too, Mark. I’m glad Sanchez is doing well. I wonder who my Jets are going to hire to replace Rex.

      I couldn’t force feed football only on my crowd. It wouldn’t have been right. And I like a Hallmark holiday movie with my grown daughter. ๐Ÿ™‚


  5. Kudos to you and your clan for planning a relaxing time sharing a meal around the table, and not racing out the door to SHOP! Bah! The food looks superb, just finished our leftovers tonight. Yum. ๐Ÿ™‚


  6. I am so overwhelmed still with my thanks for your post, it is right up there in my Top Ten favorites this year. I shared this with both my brothers, Mom and my sister in law. I like the big container of fruit salad which would balance all the other things so well, in this photograph. I am so glad you had your daughter, her husband, Karen, and all together. Ellie B. enjoyed some turkey and seemed to use her manners, too. Smiles!


    • It was a nice table we had, Robin. I’m glad the photo made you happy, too. That is Elisabeth’s boyfriend, George, though someday … We love him so, too. She is the one who made the big fruit salad and brought it with her. She asked what to make and bring, and we asked for a fruit salad for balance, yes. Ellie B was mannered at this second of the photo, wasn’t she?!


  7. A belated happy Thanksgiving to you and dear wife, Karen. What lovely pictures and your meal sounds scrumptious. Are there special New Yorky Thanksgiving dishes? Kerbey has me intrigued with her Tejas jalapeno cheese grits. About Karen: she looks like such a nice person (though also has that twinkle in her eyes, so betting lots of fun, too) in the photos you post. What a lucky man you are.


    • I am a lucky man to have a great person such as Karen as my wife, Liz. She has a twinkle and a great spirit to her and is quite lovely on top of that. ๐Ÿ™‚ And she is calm enough to balance my over-ness of spirit at times, too.

      New York dishes? We did have fruit salad to go with the usual, but that’s not regional. Karen got some pumpkin cheesecake made by Cheesecake Factory (but bought at BJs) that three of them had for dessert, and the consensus was it tasted like pumpkin pie. That’s not regional, either. Daryl and I had no sugar added apple pie. So otherwise, turkey, stuffing, mashed, green beans, corn, gravy. Cranberry sauce I didn’t like because it tasted like orange peels. Nothing exotic like Kerbey’s Texas grits, that’s for sure, or your Snicker’s salad. ๐Ÿ™‚


      • Larry is like Karen in that he keeps me from going over the Edge of Over-Enthusiasm. And I’d like to think I put a bit more Excitability into his more “normal” life. If your wife brings cheesecake out for Thanksgiving dinner, she definitely has class and spunk!


  8. this looks like a great day at home celebrating with your loved ones. and p.s. i was pretty happy and surprised about the lions too! i’ve always wanted to go to the game once on thanksgiving, but never want to miss the festivities )


  9. We watched that Hallmark Channel cookie movie, too. They are all cheesey but have happy endings! Glad you got to spend time with family and eat turkey. We did, too–and today we are thawing another turkey since we didn’t get to bring home turkey leftovers. We will feast again tonight with the jalapeno cheese grits!


    • Not being south of Mason-Dixon, I will nevertleless still envy the thought of jalapeno cheese grits, Kerbey. I remember my first tango with grits. Student at U of Maryland, student newspaper journalist trip to cover soccer game in North Carolina, I ordered grits with my fried eggs in a diner to be try local. They reminded me of cream of wheat. I liked them. Now Denny’s serves plain ole’ grits up here. ๐Ÿ™‚ Jalapeno cheese sounds awesome.

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      • Well, we don’t mean soupy thin grey grits like Cracker Barrel. Grits are a southern thing, and not served in Texas for the most part. But this has tons of cheddar and jack cheese and baked in the oven, and when it’s done you can actually slice it into squares and stick a fork in it. Seeping with melted cheese and jalapenos…I’ll save you some.


  10. Just a hamburger day here in Canada yesterday -although our retailers have made sure that we get a Black Friday today, so good of them. ha! The meal looks delisch Mark and I see Ellie B also is quite impressed. Yum!


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