The Rock shows his sensitive side, and it’s a nice touch



When his part in the reshooting of “Fast and Furious 7” was completed, The Rock gathered the filming crews around him and had somebody take a shot with his phone, or iPad, or something like that.

Anyway, it was a personal moment for the world-famous big man, because soon enough, Dwayne Johnson posted the photo on his own Instagram account and thanked all of the worker bees for their faith and hard work during a trying project.

No other star was seen in the photo or mentioned in his words.

Good for him. I like his style.

The movie continues the staggeringly successful franchise, trying to recover from last November’s tragic car-crash death of star Paul Walker.

Also discovered as a scanned for items for the weekly Movie News installment of my Syracuse New Times blog was the (also on) Cinema Blend item about upcoming World War II movie “Fury” being filmed quite realistically in the mud in a field of England.

Everything has to be perfect, the makers told the writers of the piece, because World War II buffs know if anything-at-all is a smidgen off.

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