‘Furious 7’ says goodbye in a big way

(From syracusenewtimes.com)

(From syracusenewtimes.com)

The car chases for this gang are done.

“Furious 7” put the gang through its paces in very fine style.

You can read my review of this quite interesting and emotionally loaded final chapter of the franchise in my Film Blog review on the Syracuse New Times site by clicking the link below.


The makers had to, as everybody who follows movies has been made aware the last year-and-a-half, make up for the death of star Paul Walker to get this movie out. They used every technique possible.

It looks like a whole movie, not a bunch of separate pieces.

Which brings me to this week’s Movie Questions:

Do you think they should have continued making the movie after Paul Walker died during the filming? Do you think it’s a tribute or an insult to release the film after his death, and why? An actor famous for his car chase films was killed in a car accident, so did the movie makers treat this with respect or disrespect, and why?

30 thoughts on “‘Furious 7’ says goodbye in a big way

  1. I personally think that’s how Paul Walker would have wanted it. If I were to die young/prematurely, I would want to be honored by people remembering me doing the things I loved.


  2. I think so long as the movie was done in good taste then it was fine to release it. Originally I thought it was very wrong for the film project to have resumed but now I’ve mellowed out (partly because of a conversation with a friend here in Victoria).


  3. I will not pay money for this but will find it entertaining from the library some childless afternoon or evening, Mark. I liked Paul Walker, sad he died, also like a few others who have gone too soon…


  4. i think it was good to finish and release it, with the changes made and the people involved all were onboard. this offered them a bit of closure as well. i take it as a positive tribute and your review made it sound good, even at such a long running time.

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  5. Every interview I had seen with the cast before, and then after, showed they were all enthusiastic about the franchise and the movies themselves. This is one of the few franchises I have liked that goes up so high in sequels, but it may just be the nature of it being a popcorn-car chase type movie

    The interviews after Walker’s death, especially with VIn Diesel, have been hard to watch only because you can tell they were close. he made a comment about you get used to acting against a green screen when an actor isn’t there or it’s just CGI and they provide the voice; you don’t get used to acting to someone who will never be there again.

    I think they did the right thing. At the very least, it provides some more income for his child after he’s gone (I assume).

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  6. saw an interview w/ Vin Diesel on Jimmy Kimmel (waiting for the Van Halen appearance) and he seemed to hint that this was not the end of F & F–that he thinks in trilogies and he has some ideas on how to work Kurt Russell more into the stories. I also learned that Vin Diesel supposedly was a dancer for Beastie Boys shows when he was in his teens. Late Night TV–educational?

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