Mid-January neighborhood signs

Not just in our backyard. A retirement month stroll around our neighborhood blocks allows me to leisurely take notice of greens, browns, grays and yellows It’s all right for this month in my part of the world.

Our lake view in December can feel gray

Weather can change on a dime in December. My dear wife Karen and I took with with cherished rescue mutt Ellie B aka Dogamous Pyle on a sunny afternoon, we thought. Minutes later we took in our lake view just a short bit down our block. Yes we must get back to the house. By…

We spot a pretty tree

Because of this climatological reason and that, leaf color has been less than usual around our part of the world this year. So we were glad to spot this subdued bit of orange and red during a November neighborhood stroll.

Nearly the big day

Yes, great job prepping your front lawn for the season, we thought during our neighborhood stroll. Bravo! Central New York thinks so much of Halloween for sure.

Gearing up for spooky day

Spotted with my dear wife Karen and cherished rescue mutt Ellie B during a pretty walk around our neighborhood was the fact that plenty of folks were gearing up for Halloween. This house already has ghosts hanging out under its big and pretty front tree.

Now that’s a front-yard garden

Taking a Sunday walk around the neighborhood blocks, my dear wife Karen, cherished rescue mutt Ellie B and I had to slow down to admire what has become of the front yard where they so carefully place removable plastic over their front garden patches come the cooler months. Their care has resulted in a marvelous…

Bow to the stately trees

Sometimes it takes a total abandonment of the leaves for a tree to look as stately as it can be, I think as cherished rescue mutt Ellie B aka Dogamous Pyle and I round the neighborhood blocks.