Finally wilted

Not red.

At last winter had its way with the stubborn backyard rose.

How soon until spring?

12 thoughts on “Finally wilted

  1. I’m counting down the days with you, Mark. I wanted to jump on my reading today and see how you’re doing. I know you have all been blanketed with snow. Here in SW MO I’m struggling with some new house issues–my mini-split system really struggles with cold weather. It’s froze up twice and come to find out there’s a leak somewhere and the refrigerant is low. I had it recharged and should hopefully last for about a month until I can shell out the big bucks to have each unit checked (it’s a 4 unit system). In the meantime we have frigid temps and ice and now snow coming on top of it. I can’t wait for Spring! I try to keep the faith but the sun and warm weather sure helps! Take care my friend!


      • Thank you my friend. It’s freezing ice this morning and my 3-legged miracle pup, Finley, was indeed doing some skating. Mom thought it best to carry her now for a few days. I have repairmen coming in one hour~at the nick of time! Alas, I must keep reminding myself how blessed I am for a roof over my head (and electric heaters). Stay safe and blessed!


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