The Rhythm Section beats with a dark heart


Blake Lively sure can do tense and dark.

I pulled <em> The Rhythm Section</em> off the DVD shelf at my Liverpool Public Library work place entirely based on Lively’s appearance on the cover.

I had much appreciated her work in 2018’s <em>A Simple Favor</em>, a plot-twister where her character befriends the fellow mom played by Anna Kendrick, only to up and disappear.

Nothing in that one was as it appeared at face value.

In this 2020 drama directed by Reed Moreno from the screenplay by Mark Burnell from Burnell’s novel, Lively’s Stephanie Patrick also undergoes a startling transformation.

We meet her as a wrecked daughter of a family that has died in a plane crash.

She slowly but oh-so-surely goes about putting pieces together to discover secrets and circumstances behind that crash.

Stephanie settles scores.

The movie is very, extremely, always, dark.

Buckle in for violent and unsettling moments if you choose to join in with the percussion here.

4 thoughts on “The Rhythm Section beats with a dark heart

  1. I always appreciate fair warning, Mark! Normally I’m ok with dark and intense but I’m tip toeing into this new year and hoping to avoid as many jump scares as possible. Your library has an awesome selection of films available!


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