The King of Staten Island opens a window into why Pete Davidson acts like this

This kid Scott bums around the borough of Staten Island without one iota of responsibility. He hangs with his friends in his mother’s basement, smoking joints and watching violent movies as the girls complain that they never do anything and the guys preen about how they don’t care. He gives those that dare tattoos, because,…

Meanwhile, to the south

Of course I must text with my terrific daughter Elisabeth when we get snow before morning travel to work. She assured me her drive was doable. And she sent me the photo above after arriving to the Orthopedic Specialist complex in Hamilton, with the tag line: “This is how we measure the show.” More than…

We could be in deeper

It took only one day to look very normal after the big Northeast storm passed through our way. After clearing the cars and shoveling our walk, I’d say our part of Central New York got a half-foot before people had to stir on Thursday morning. Could have been more, I knew after hearing about other…

We did not stop to pontificate

I took this photograph and wrote this post before the virus crisis … My dear wife Karen and I spotted a big-time window display at a visit to Syracuse’s mega shopping, dining and entertainment complex Destiny USA. No in-person visit to The Franciscan Place planned by the main man that I’ve heard.

Add a little heat and it does smell like the season

My terrific daughter Elisabeth sent a text shortly before my dear wife Karen’s birthday asking what she might like for her birthday. Fall-scented candles, I discovered. Yet that didn’t satisfy the present-hunting itch for my daughter. Later came a question about a device that melted wax. No, I had not heard of it. She texted…

Old graffiti

My take on those scribbled words on the bottom of a discarded table in the parking lot of a neighborhood building: The writer never thought they’d be seen in the light, outdoors, someday, any day, far in the future. This place used to be school, so I’ll turn the old saying into: Never write something…

What I used to do

Here’s hoping that in 2021, Lights on the Lake will be able to bring bake the opening nights for walkers, when I can join the thousands of folks happily walking up that path, taking photographs of the lights all ablaze. Just thinking back and ahead.

It could happen to us, this Irresistible political race

Imagine if you will, a small mayoral race in the town of Deerlaken, Wisc., becoming so important to the Democrats trying to win with a crusty veteran and the Republicans attempting to hold the town with the folksy incumbent that it not only draws two campaign managers fresh off the 2016 presidential race but the…

Catching the December sunset

During a work-week-is-finished safe walk Friday with cherished rescue mutt Ellie B aka Dogamous Pyle, our eyes lit up when we got to the bottom of the street. The sun was setting over the quite nearby lake. Happy weekend start it was, yes.

Standing guard

My eyes spy one lonely rowboat on dry land adjacent to the empty Onondaga Lake Marina. A prop, I wonder, as I complete my safe walk during a work break, or there in case somebody needs it for an emergency. Hope not for the second, ever.