My daughter takes out from a tasty Polish place

The texts from my smart daughter Elisabeth really made me a bit jealous this time.

She and George Three brought back from the Utica Polish home a boatload of takeout food.

They had taken advantage of the family special from the Utica Polish Home.

Hover over a photo for a description. Click on an image for an enlarged slide show.

They shared with her mom and Barclay. This food is the stuff they usually eat with us at the downtown Syracuse Polish Fest each summer, made by this same Polish place’s stand.

Sigh. No Polish Fest this month.

But Elisabeth says the pierogi from the family meal deal to go tasted even better than the Polish Fest offerings we’ve always loved.

I think we’ll have to make that trip to Utica.

21 thoughts on “My daughter takes out from a tasty Polish place

  1. I would eat all of that. I’ve never seen a Polish restaurant in my life. I did, however, just see a Man vs Food episode where the challenge was to eat 5 lbs of pierogi, and they man won! I guess it was yummy.


  2. When you go to Utica, check out Pulaski Meat Market on Lenox Ave. Homemade kielbasa and loads of other meats—also golabki, kapusta and pierogi.


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