Another new building on the Syracuse landscape

Every time I look, it seems a new building is finished up on the Syracuse University hill.

One side.

We definitely can call it a shiny new building.

Corner view.

Even when I think there’s no more room up there, they find it.

Another side.

Every building may be modern if they keep this up.

12 thoughts on “Another new building on the Syracuse landscape

  1. And more graduates looking for college level compensation in this economy.
    What are the graduate statistics on employment and paying back the loans afterwards?
    Colleges and what you take and use the information have changed in this world.
    No problem putting up new buildings.
    Have you seen all the stores and malls being built and going bankrupt like Sears for example.
    There will always be a lot of building put up as long as there is rewards for those who build them and no after responsibility when they are left behind for someone else to pay for and deal with.
    Also notice all the advertised vacant office spaces I’m sure are all over your area as well.


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