Everybody needs to pick a good place for lunch

With at least four hours of flat and open road in front of the adventurous four between our first stop of San Antonio and the Family Reunion proper on South Padre Island, my dear wife Karen and terrific daughter Elisabeth took a deep dive into their devices.

A diversion to Corpus Christi would add just a half-hour or so to our travel time.

We’d see another spot.

There was good barbecue awaiting.

George Three and I agreed.

Thanks, we will.

Hello, Rudy’s, right off the highway after we’d taken a drive through the small coastal city for a short sightseeing excursion from the Chevy Tahoe first.

Wonderful welcome.

We northerners were made to feel at home by a friendly counter server soon after we stepped inside the door.

Fix it the way you like.

Order from the sign. Take your cold sides from the fridge. Receive hot food on brown paper. Add what you like from the big center isle.

Hover over a gallery photo for a description. Click on an image for an enlarged slide show.

It seemed as if we’d covered the protein menu, but our brisket, sausage and turkey orders had left the ribs and chicken untested. Peach cobbler, beans, cole slaw and creamed corn sides were all tasty. The dill pickles from the fixings bar were just right. I thought both sauces I tried, labeled as Rudy’s originals, were more vinegar-based than those we get up north. I could have used a tad more sweetness to the topper. Just saying. Regional bias, I guess.

9 thoughts on “Everybody needs to pick a good place for lunch

  1. We rarely eat at Rudy’s , preferring smaller local BBQ joints, but it will do the trick! I find them a little expensive and the side choices too limited. But the most important item, for us, is the brisket, and Rudy’s does okay. 🙂 (Snooty Texas Barbecue aficionado)


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