I rolled along with the Limp Lizard squad this season

Don’t think that I skipped bowling this season.

I just haven’t shared about the exploits of our Limp Lizard squad in the Thursday Night Men’s League at Bowling Green in North Syracuse, N.Y.

You see, I got off to such a bad start way back in September …

Putrid, really.

As in, after the first three weeks they take before they register your first official average, I was at 130. I had not even notched a level of 400 weekly after nine games. Oy. This after my satisfying 162-plus of last year.

“I hate bowling” became my rallying cry.

Steve, Randy, Tiny and Tom told me to buck up. Things would improve.

Little by little, I climbed back.

I three more series in the 500s than 400s over the remainder of the season. Yes, I got back to the 162-per-game level.

Unfortunately, our team didn’t bust out with any trophy-winning finishes either half.

Anna one …

Anna two …

… Anna three, strike!

My dear wife Karen visited the next-to-last week, and took a nice series of photos for me with my iPhone 8.

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