The snow out back is knee-high

The backyard snow so far this January 2018 at A Bitty Better in the Liverpool neighborhood of Galeville has been off the charts.

Really a lot.

Last winter, our first here, I seemed able to keep up.

This year, not so much.

Dog can’t go out or in here.

I mean, look at what crept up last weekend.

I did manage a path out that back door after I snapped the photo.

Love it or hate it?

Do I even say it looks pretty, or I do I merely grumble?

15 thoughts on “The snow out back is knee-high

  1. Nice. In New Jersey last week we were supposed to get 4-6″ and then I turned the weather back on and they were like… “yeah no, you’re are screwed more like 12-18” (That’s not an actual quote as you can guess… but pretty accurate) lol. Great pictures! Make me glad I’m in bed


  2. This date last year, we had three feet of snow on the ground, roof collapses all over town including a school gym which shut down all schools for two weeks to clear the snow off the roofs before reopening. Today, no measurable snow at all this winter, and it will be 55 and sunny today. You just never know!!


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